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Junior Results

Best junior achievements of my career...

European Junior Badminton Circuit 2005/2006 - 3rd place men´s singles
Belgian Junior Int. (EJBC) - 2nd place MD, 3rd place MS (05/06)
Langenfeld Cup (Germany) - 3rd place MS (05/06)
EJBC Tournaments
Swiss Junior – 1st place MD, 3rd place MS (05/06)
Slovenian Junior – 1st place MS, 1st place MD (05/06)
Croatian Junior – 3rd place MS (05/06)
Czech Junior – 1st place MS, 2nd place MD (05/06)
European Junior Team Championships - 10th place (national team member) (04/05)
Czech U19 Nationals - 3rd place MS, 1st place MD and XD (04/05)
Polish Junior (EJBC) - 2nd place XD (04/05)
1. Czech National Mixed Teams League - 3rd place (SKB C.Krumlov) (04/05) 
World Juniors (Canada) – 9th place XD (K.Ludikova), 17th place MS (04/05)
European Junior „B“ Team Championships - 1st place (national team member) (03/04)
Langenfeld Cup (Germany) - 9th place MS (04/05)
National A grade U19 tournament - 1st place MD, 3rd place MS (03/04)
EJBC Tournaments
Northumberland Junior - 3rd place MS (04/05)
Swedish Junior - 2nd place MD (04/05)
Slovenian Junior - 3rd place MD (04/05)
Croatian Junior - 3rd place MD (04/05)
Slovak Junior - 5th place MD, 5th place MS (04/05)
Czech Junior - 3rd place MD, 17th place MS (04/05)
Polish Junior - 3rd place MS (03/04) ¨
National A grade U17 tournament  - 1st place MS, 2nd place XD, 3rd place MD
National A grade U19 tournament - 1st place MS, MD and XD (03/04)
Polonia Cup U17 - 4th place (national team member) (03/04)
Czech National U19 Mixed Teams Championship - 1st place (SKB C.Krumlov) (02/03)
Czech U17 National Championships - 1st place MS, 2nd place XD, 3rd place MD (02/03)
Czech U15 National Championships - 1st place MS and MD,  2nd place XD (01/02)
Czech National U19 Mixed Teams Championship - 2nd place (SKB C.Krumlov) (01/02)
Youth International Tournament (Poland) - 3rd place MS and MD (U16 a U19)

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