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Results 2006

Results summary of 2006...

Best BWF World Ranking

Mens´ singles: 167th place (16.11.2006)
Mens´ doubles: 59th place (partner Stanislav Kohoutek) (16.11.2006)
Best Result
Hungarian International (A grade tournament) - 5th place MS and 3rd place MD (November 06)
Czech Results 
Czech Nationals – 1st place MD, 3rd place MS, 5th place XD (06/07)
National A grade tournament  – 1st place MS, 3rd place MD and XD (06/07)
1. Czech National Mixed Teams League - 4th place (SKB Cesky Krumlov) (06/07) 
International Results 
European Championships – 33rd place MD (sezóna 06/07)
Latvian International (B grade) – 17th place MS, 9th place XD (06/07)
Lithuanian International (B grade) – 2nd place MD, 5th place MS (06/07)
Bulgarian International (A grade) – 17th place MS, 5th place MD (06/07)
Czech International (A grade) – 33rd place MS, 9th place MD (06/07)
Hungarian International (A grade) – 5th place MS, 3rd place MD (06/07)
Danish Open (5*)– qualifying MS, 17th place MD (06/07)
(beating European Junior 2005 Vicechampion)
Dutch Open (3*) – 33rd place MS, 17th place MD (06/07)
Norwegian International (A grade) – 17th place MS, 9th place MD (06/07)
Scottish International (A grade) – 17th place MD (06/07)
Romanian International (A grade) – 5th place MD, 17th place MS (05/06)
Estonian International – 5th place MD, 17th place MS (05/06) 

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