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Season´s evaluation and acknowledgements

My tournament season ended with the last days of May. And was under the given circumstances very successful. So before I start writing articles about the summer training preparation, I would like to let you know what my past 12 moths were like...

The headline of my 2011/2012 season could be "The comeback after a knee injury". To get back into at least an "OK shape" was pretty difficult and I would say that it was even harder than last time (two years ago after the first injury).
Thanks to patient help  of my coach Radek Votava, and thanks to my own dedication, which the coach managed to put the right way, everything eventually ended very well.
I got to quarterfinals at two  events (Iceland International Series and Slovenia International Series) and at Bulgarian International Series I managed to get even to the semis! Furthermore, for the first time in my life I qualified for the men´s singles event of the European Championships.
At the EC in Sweden I performed well although losing to the Portuguese no. 1 Pedro Martins.
Thanks to all these nice achievements I eventually managed to make my way up the World Ranking towards a postition around top 150. That means that from September I can daringly look up to the top 100 where I´ve been longing to return for so long.
It´s not going to be easy at all, but firstly I had played better and been higher in the WR (79th place in 2009), so I know what to expect, and secondly after all what I was through during the past year (surgery, rehab, muscle problems preventing me from participating at the Nationals - in a few words 5 out of 12 months off the court) I believe that all the bad things are gone and I can hope only for the best from now on. 

A big thanks for the past season from my side belongs in the first place to several people. In badminton it is my already mentioned coach Radek Votava together with his Danish counterpart in Odense, Lennart Engler. They have been helping me a lot and in the hard times Radek´s really trying to be patient and has helped me when I felt the worst. Lennart has been teaching me how to understand things in my life and how to look at them from a different point of view.
Outside badminton there were a few other people who helped me stay on courts or got me back on them, respectively. It is M.D. Marcel Staša, who operated me, then M.A. Michal Truc, M.A. Silvia Šúrová and M.A. Jiří Kmínek, physiotherapists from the Centre of physical medicine and Dukla Praha (the National Military Sport centre) who taught me to use and trust my body again.
Together with them I would like to thank to Dr. Jiří Vlček from the rehab centre Olma R+ in České Budějovice who also played an important role in my regetting fit. 

In connection with my health I would like to thank to two more partners who decided to help me. Flowin is a training board which made my rehab much easier and also significantly helped me improve on-court coordination. I will let you know more about this smart thing a bit later. Asics became the supplier of my footwear which I very quickly became fond of. I believe that these high quality shoes will help me avoid further health difficulties.

Now let me express my thanks to my General Partner - my maternity club SK Badminton Český Krumlov, my Main Partners Alexander Brányik M.Sc., and the company Cymedica, then to SOTX sports, Dukla Praha and to the town of Český Krumlov for staying with me and helping me in this difficult time.
Because it is them who together with my Partners create a complex thanks to which I still have a chance to be aiming for international achievements.

I hope it is good news for you when I can tell you that not only am I fit again but I am also passing my experience on to my younger clubmates and kids in our club from U11 to U19 as an assistant coach at the times when I am at home.


Pavel Florián

6. 7. 2012

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