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Three games in Prešov

Although not winning a whole match, for the first time after the surgery I managed to win a game at an international event...

My opponent was Michal Rogalski of Poland. I still wasn´t fit after the knee surgery and though I had a good chance, I lost. From a lead 14:10 in the first I came to losing 15:18 and eventually lost the game 17:21. The second game was 21:18 for me, I made fewer mistakes and played with more variety which helped me control the game more. In the decider I was too often playing on Rogalski´s racket and losing 14:21 was not the best end of the match.

Anyway, I won my first game at an individual event after coming back from the surgery and that´s positive and motivating for next work.


Pavel Florian

24. 10. 2009

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