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Getting back after a surgery

At the end of May 2009 I had a knee surgery and the hard time for me is hopefully starting to be over now...

At the end of May I was forced to undergo a knee surgery. The reason why the problem on my right leg developed was not clearly indicated by the doctors. So I don´t know if the bone defect was caused by overuse or something else. Anyway, after spending 3 days in hospital I could go back home, but in order to be able to move, I had to become friends with the two crutches they gave me. One finds out how many difficulties the people who for some reasons cannot move without restrictions have and how patient and tolerant they have to be.

I spent six weeks using the crutches and carefully started with normal walking in the middle of July.Slowly I could also add swimming and riding a bike. That was a big relief for my mind. I had a really hard time when not being able to do what I wanted, train hard and play.
After another six weeks of patience and strengthening the muscles I could eventually go with my coach Radek Votava to the first tournament. The Belgian International was after more than three months a chance to stand on competition court again. I was not fit at all but it didn´t matter. I was there, on a tournament and I played. I played again.
Currently I have still been getting back to normal training and I am not 100% fit. The recovery cannot be made faster and we are gradually putting more training load. So far I have played three international tournaments and two team matches in 1. Bundesliga in Germany for FC Langenfeld (you can see the results by clicking on the links below).
Belgian International Challenge
Czech International Series
Bulgarian International Challenge
1. Bundesliga
The next events I am going to play are Slovak Future Series and Hungarian International Series.
Pavel Florian

15. 10. 2009

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