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Season´s evaluation and acknowledgements

My tournament season ended with the last days of May. And was under the given circumstances very successful. So before I start writing articles about the summer training preparation, I would like to let you know what my past 12 moths were like...

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Bulgaria Eurasia Open 2013 ME smíšených družstev - Moskva 2013 Mistrovství ČR 2013 Dutch Open 2012

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Results 2012

Results summary of 2012...


Pavel Florián´s partners


Relaunch of news in English

I am going to write news in the English section of my website again!


Results 2011

Results summary of 2011...


English news temporarily unavailable

Dear readers, I am currently unable to update my website in English. Please check the Czech language version of my website...


Results 2010

Results summary of 2010...


Close loss in Hungary

Better play, better feeling of the game but not winning again...


Three games in Prešov

Although not winning a whole match, for the first time after the surgery I managed to win a game at an international event...


Getting back after a surgery

At the end of May 2009 I had a knee surgery and the hard time for me is hopefully starting to be over now...


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